2nd Anniversary
Designfreaks & CherryVanilla

On November 6th, both Designfreaks and CherryVanilla went online; that's why we're celebrating it together this year. You can open a gift every day. Each gift contains different things, from designs to resources and more. There will be a surprise at the end, so stay tuned and check back later!

Overview 13.11.2018

As you may have noticed, all gifts contained content related to a specific topic. That's why you could only download one ZIP file that contained everything.

Today the last gift - the 'Galaxy Box' - can be opened and therefore we open all gifts again - literally! You can now decide for yourself if you want to download a ZIP file that contains everything, or if you just want to download the things you like most. You can also have a look at the things that didn't make it onto the thumbnails. We hope you had a lot of fun and that you enjoyed our anniversary event so far.
24 files in total
44 files in total
47 files in total
28 files in total
13 files in total
135 files in total
31 files in total
37 files in total

Some statistics about the whole anniversary event so far:

82 Textures • 91 Icontextures • 95 Patterns • 50 Brushes / 6 Packs • 15 Borders • 11 PNGs • 2 Designs

... and there's even more waiting for you in the surprise box! #soon

??? #surprise